Come-Around Montreal (CAM) and Toronto Toss-Out (TTO) are sister events that alternately host annual Balboa workshops (in March) in each city with the goals of promoting the dance and nurturing friendships between the two cities and increasingly, with other Balboa communities in the surrounding region.

Toronto Toss-Out was originally founded by Dongshin Nam and Joseph Cuatico.  The first event was in March of 2013 with Bobby White & Kate Hedin, followed up by annual events in 2014, 15, & 16; again with Bobby & Kate but also with Laura Keat, Jeremy Otth, and later with Bernard & Anne-Helene Cavasa.  The 2018 workshop was taught by Gasper Hrovat and Anni Skoglund.

In 2015, Montreal attended the TTO in force and a funny thing happened, we found friends!  Later that year, Lizou Bouchard and Catherine Campbell-Valois pitched the idea of running a sister event and Come-Around Montreal was born (announced at TTO 2016).  Lizou & Catherine hosted the first CAM in March 2017 with Andreas Olsson, Jennifer Lee, Teni Lopez-Cardenas, and Marty Klempner teaching at the event.  They followed up in 2019 with Javier Johnson, Heather Ballew, Shani Brown, and Augie Freeman.

Left to right: Dongshin Nam (TTO), Lizou Bouchard (CAM),

Joseph Cuatico (TTO), and Catherine Campbell-Valois (CAM).

Photo by Alex Leung

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